Jennifer Hillier

Friday Challenge: Let’s write a story!

May 15, 2009 | Uncategorized

All right, party peeps.  I’ve been getting some great support and feedback for this little blog, and for that I am so grateful.  You might not always care about what I have to say, but you care about me, and that means a lot.  So thank you for daring to check in every day to find out what I’m up to.

Today is Friday and Fridays are fun!  So if you’re reading this, know that I fully expect you to participate in my Friday challenge!  Don’t worry, it’s not hard like last week’s.   (And Mel wins since she’s the only one who participated!  Way to go, Smelly!)

We’re going to write a story.  TOGETHER.

I’ll start us off.  I’ll write a few sentences, leaving the last sentence UNFINISHED.  Then YOU will finish my sentence, adding another one or two of your own in the Comments section (or three or four or five, depending how creative you feel), making sure to leave your last sentence UNFINISHED.

And so it goes.

You can contribute as many times as you want – in fact, I encourage you to pop back here every day with crazy plot twists to keep it going! I’ll contribute at least once a day as well to make sure we’re going in some kind of general direction, but I really hope my regular readers (all 12 of you, ha!) will participate daily.  Then next Friday, I’ll write the ending (if we don’t have one already), do a quick edit, and post a polished version of the entire story for everyone to enjoy.

I’m eager to see what kind of cool adventure we as a group can cook up over the course of, say, a whole week.  So come on, don’t let me down.  Let your imagination run wild and let the story go wherever it takes you.  Be funny, be dirty, be depressing, be uplifting.  The story is whatever you want it to be.  Swearing and sex are both fine if you think it serves the story.  Unleash your inner writer.  You have one, trust me.

Know that I am NOT not checking for grammar or spelling or perfect prose (that’s my job, not yours). This is all for fun! I’m dying to know what’s lurking in your imaginations. I had 80 hits on my blog last week so I’m expecting at least 80 parts to this tale. And yes, you may post anonymously if that makes you feel more comfortable – I’ll leave that up to you.

Okay, so here’s how the story starts.  I’ll decide on a title next Friday.

Mitch Warren had an itch on a body part he couldn’t scratch while standing on a busy downtown street.  Ducking into an alleyway, he stood beside a sleeping homeless man and reached into his jeans.  He scratched contentedly for a minute until a woman with flaming red hair…